Open Data = Open Government?

My attempt to track the ongoing debate...contributions, rants, and insight warmly welcomed.

Open Government is an essential part of Open Policymaking.

Hmm…is that the right order of things? (From the UK government’s consultations with civil society on the Open Government Partnership.)

HT Andrew E.


Amazingly brutal honesty here: “[In Russia] Open Government is not meant to aid dialogue between the authorities and the people. It provides for dialogue of a limited number of experts with the government.”

Nice debate at the International Open Government Data Conference (Washington, DC)

HT Andrew

David Sasaki (@oso)

12/07/12 1:51 AM

I still find @dgrobinson's framing of “political accountability” vs. “public service delivery” problematic. #IOGDC Needs clearer vocab.

Daniel Schuman (@danielschuman)

12/07/12 1:52 AM

@oso @dgrobinson as do I. It’s a bad/fuzzy/overbuild distinction #iogdc

Alex Howard (@digiphile)

12/07/12 1:54 AM

@danielschuman @oso part of a reaction in #opengov movement to def including broader range of areas than transparency/accountability. #iogdc

Harlan Yu (@harlanyu)

12/07/12 2:02 AM

@oso @digiphile @danielschuman It’s a simplification; all sorts of motivations for#opendata. But those are most common & are perceived diff

Alex Howard (@digiphile)

12/07/12 2:06 AM

@harlanyu @oso @danielschuman Seeing #opendata this morning as a group of blind men might regard an elephant? #IOGDC